Friday, 26 December 2014

World of troublemakers

Another homebrew made some time ago. A one page game, based on the Dungeon World/Apocalypse World engine. Inspired slightly by the Earthsea series (though maybe no-one will notice).

The link HERE:

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

free RPG list

These are some PDFs i got in my collection; all of them i downloaded for free and i dont think im trespassing any law or anything. I just want to make a big list as a way to organize them, and share them with anyone interested,

World of Titans - an attack of the titans *W hack
Busty Bimbo Barbarians - Hack and Slash focused on bikini chainmails
Adventure Time d20 - Awesome art!
Corpus Delicti: Detroit - a Supernatural C.S.I. Detroit, playrd with a french deck
Digital Shades - two pages cyberpunk
Dark Ronin - Cthulhu Dark hack, rules-light samurais.
Flatland - Roleplay geometrical figures and female lines
DIP-Styx - supernatural modern, creation is done through play
Keen Edge of History - You are a sword. A magical one, and you tell your history
From the mouth of mechs - Mecha battles done through rapping lines. Yes, thats it.
Merchants of Leng - Creepy unnatural merchants steal dreams from people. 
Oni Puncher - One page samurais
Rage, Precognition, Grace - rules lite fantasy
Simple D6 - awesome generic system
Searchers of the unknown collection - many one page RPGS, one file. Overall awesome rating.
Sputnik - The Russian Moonlanding
Raygun Gothic- Vampires on space
Chainsaw Duelist - Rich men duel themselves with chainsaws
Knights of Twilight - Knights in strange cosmic armors, transmits to me a nice feeling
Soulhunters- You're a living death. Eat souls, get lethal powerups.
Pokethulu: Eldritch horrors being catched by 8-year old kids

I'll update this list once in a while. Any authors who feel i'm vulnerating their works please contact me and i'll take them down at once.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Last year i convinced my cousin to buy this game together on ebay. I didn't even know the rules or had any reviews on it beside what i got from this old web. We ended up liking the game and that (is a modernized clone of a two-centuries old, french card game called coup d'état), but before even buying it, we both fell in love with that art: a reminiscence of an age where cgi and computers were not still a part of the common fantasy artists. There is something in this style that takes me back to the days when i was a little kid; i dont know why. I'll leave this here for you to watch it by yourself. The responsible of this awesome paintings is a man called Bob Pepper.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Kung Fu Hotel

My mother told me once an idea she had got for a movie: the story of a fighter who, for some reason, had been banned from the great anual martial arts tournament; and who driven by rage or whatever, got into the hotel where all the contenders were resting the night before that tournament to outmatch them all one by one.

I loved the idea from the beginning and i even imagined a scene where the main character got into the building in a rainy night, while the intro credits flashed, and this song played on the back. He would be a young vagabond who has trained hard on the road fighting federated karatekas, sumo fighters and even mysterious warriors who use black magic.

Then i thought that there would be a romance with a woman from his past, while someone (maybe her) played the piano on the hotel's bar, or something; and in the end the police would come and there would be a shoot out; where someone would stop the bullets with a spinning umbrella as a shield (an ancient technique)

As the movie is by now a little far from my reach (to start, i dont even have means to contact Tiger Army and pay the copyrights), and making a book out of it seems too difficult (kung-fu is hard to take into literature) i got inspired anyway and made this:

Its a tabletop based freely on that idea, Bruce Lee films and Dragon Ball tournaments. The main idea about it is that combat among players (PJs fighting each other) was fast, intuitive and impartial, so the rules were (almost) never based on GM's subjetive opinions but for exceptional cases. You'll need only some d6, and a french deck to give it some color.

If by chance you read it, play it or master it (or want to stay in tune for when the movie goes out) please comment right below here.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

New Blog

This is a blog to post some of my works, some inspiration, and maybe some resources around the world of the Tabletop RPGs. Also it will be a way to keep improving my english, so feel free to correct me as i write.

" Zeus himself was patron of hospitality (as well as most other social laws), so breaking Sacred Hospitality, either by host or guest, would incur his fury."