Thursday, 5 October 2017

Troll trifle at the Goatherd Inn

A storm is about to rage, and the PCs are on their way to a nearby Inn.

They find a man riding on the opposite way. If asked, he had a room booked back there, but he isn't spending the night under that roof; not after what they've just brought in. The baron and his men, who had went hunting deers, have hunted a troll instead and they've hung its head on the wall; like a trophy. But that thing still looks alive.

"I don't care if you laugh at me" Says the hurried man. "They all did already. I'm fine with getting soaked"

Night is upon you as you reach the tavern's light. Around the fire, some drink and make jokes under the sight of the hairy, growling head. The young Baron and his hunting party are celebrating, and being cliché dicks in general.

The inn's keeper isn't very pleased with this, but hey, It's money. His wife actually wants to burn the head on the fireplace as soon as the baron is drunk enough.

How will the baron's men react when this happens? Could the baron be persuaded the morning after that actually he did it, last night, in a brave intent for defending everybody when the head started moving and attacking them all?

Merchants and their families, pilgrims and shepards take turns to watch it from afar; some of the bravest kids touching it even, trying to impress their audience.

A lone hunter (a local, not one of the baron's thralls) doesn't drink. He's tense and crossed. Should you befriend him he'll tell you about that one time that he found a troll's hand in the woods. It crawled and stumbled around just like a big, wounded bear would; until it jumped and tried to reach him. He shot his arrows in awe until the thing stopped, just like it had to catch some breath. Then he actually saw something bigger approaching: the very troll had followed the trail of his hand, and he grabbed it with the other and put it back on the stump; and the wound magically sealed in a whim. Later he found out that the troll had got his hand cut off by a bear trap he had set.

Will you believe him? Would you spend the night in there? Which measures would you take if you did?

The troll is actually watching the scene, and concentrating all his might into trying to drive his massive body towards the inn (he'll succeed at some point!); tear the roof apart and get his head back. Then eat everybody out of spite and anger.

Did the baron really cut the troll's head, or did he just found it at the base of a canyon? How will he react when this happens? What about his hunting party?

What do you know about trolls? Do you know what injures them, what repels them, how they track you? How tall do you think the troll was, based on the head size?
Will it be able to smell you in the forest, in the darkness and under a raging storm?
Will you stand to protect the innocent when the troll comes?

credits: the troll severed hand story is taken straight from arnold K's bestiary! the picture from the Trollhunter movie.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

when on a hexmap

roll 1d12 to find out what's on this hex. Then roll again, to see what also is this place beyond the layer of appearance. Let your subconscious give it a form.

1. The great city; where rival gangs conflict and everything can be found.
2. The harsh land; that must be conquered or understood.
3. The scenic town, that is built around something specific and hides something unique.
4. The stop in the road, where many stories meet and everyone is up for adventure.
5. The castle, where a great evil reigns and/or is plotting how to.
6. The deep unknown, where everything is dangerous, crazy and unmapped.
7. The workshop/wizard tower, where there is an oddity that is just what you need.
8. The temple; worshipped, abandoned or corrupted; there is something different in the air.
9. The war zone; where battle is raging and one will bite the dust.
10. A beautiful landscape where to enjoy and relax.
11. A sudden change of weather
12. A string from a PC's background is waiting to resolve here and now.

bonus track: some sketches for tattoos I did just because.

wraith, asterisk and lady

hair without black lines looks better or is just me?

Friday, 11 August 2017

village generator

Roll 3d20 to find out what's remarkable in this town.

1. A specific harvest of some kind; and commerce built around it. Is it food? medicine? drugs?
2. A mine of resource X. Is the economy booming? is the resource dangerous somehow?
3. A factory. Who runs it? do they make something really valuable or just crap?
4. A theater. What do they perform there? Sports, plays, movies, combats?
5. A radio tower, or an editorial. What kind of things they promote? are they legal after all?
6. Somewhere eat and meet people. A cafe, a food stall, a restaurant.
7. A great work of architecture. A bridge, a statue, a wall, a mausoleum.
8. A guild of hunters of something (be it fish, game, treasure or comets)
9. An Inn or hotel.
10. Transport connections (airport, train, vehicle rental, etc)
11. Ranger's Office (sheriff, forest rangers, whoever is in charge of safety)
12. A shopping center (a building, an alley or a merchant route)
13. A very specific store of something; probably something that casually a character needs.
14. Somewhere where the kids to go for a walk (a forest, a garden, a beach, a cemetery)
15. A school of any kind (a dojo? arts academy? university? the city's crafts?)
16. A doctor. (an hospital? a shaman?) Is s/he vocational or wants something in return?
17. A holy place; be it a church, a shrine or a wonder. Is it corrupted? Is it worshipped?
18. A sign of the law. (a noble palace? a courtyard? a tax office?)
19. A den of evil (a pub for the local gang? a brothel? a rebel hideout?)
20. A guy who fixes broken things and needs a specific thing for an amazing project.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Back to drawing

New project, new color palette.
But this time, it is a card game!!!!
Here is a vampire lord (unfinished!). More on this soon.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lamentations of the other Flame Princess

When I looked at Lotfp after reading lots of things about it, I didn't really liked it much. It's not because a specific thing, I guess I'm not the target for that kind of DnDs retroclones. Too much unnecesary rules and tables for my tastes. But then I stumbled with this:

Wouldn't be awesome to find something that mixes Adventure Time cuteness + boldness plus some "seriousness"?

I just came up with something that I'm writing here in case I want to do something with it later:

The uncontrolled temper of the Flame Princess can be very dangerous for the inhabitants of Ooo. Why is she upset right now, and what you are gonna do about it?

1- she just fell in love with somebody, but she's not really sure if the guy likes her or he is playing with her feelings. 
2- she has argued with her dad and just fled from the flame kingdom. Possible plans to overthrone
3- she's been broken hearted, and won't tolerate any lies to be spoken on her presence.
4- there is a new rap contest, you must help her training and find inspiration on new life experiences
5- a rival princess has said something gross about her. What to do?
6- flame kingdom is on the verge of war; diplomacy mission. When they fail, war starts.

The stats are:

Style (your overall stance, or the one you think you project. Cool, Sexy, Edgy, Nerd, whatever)
Career (Doing whatever constitutes your job: Princess, Dancer, Wizard, Guard, Fighter, etc.)
Race (Racial abilities and general knowledge to move among your kin: penguins, flame people, foxes, humans)

Roll 3d6 for each stat: You get +1 on it for each six. If you have no sixes, you get -1 if there is a 1 or more.
(-1: Strangely weak. 0: untrained. +1: skilled.  +2: expert; +3: master)
Describe your character with whatever you get. 

Roll 2d6 + stat to see if you succeed; TN is always 8 (break rolls in two for harder tasks, add costs, complications or whatever). On a fail, GM might let you succeed, but the situation gets worse somehow. If you don't have a relevant stat for an action, GM says if you succeed or not.

Each hit takes 1 hitpoint from your enemy. You all have 1 hitpoint; armor can give you extra hit points. Roll to resist if you're hit beyond that.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Six backgrounds, Six talents, and a note on HP armor

Something I'm working at the moment. I think I have to boost the Doctor and the Rogue talents to make them more activelly useful. I asked my mother (she's a doctor) if her career helps her in her common life somehow, and she said that the doctors are good in reading through people's masks. I think she's got a point. 

What were you before you turned into a bountyhunter?

1-Noble (or a Noble's hand)
2-Officer (lawkeeper or any kind of public servant)
4-Guildsman (you choose what your guild was about)
6-Forestman (you can choose to be an animal if you wish)

Which talent has helped you survive until now?

1.fighter: You can attempt extraordinary feats with your favored weapon (pick from the weapon list, you start with it), like cutting down a wall, striking many enemies or shooting at great distance. When you miss an attack, you can still deal or prevent d6 damage.

2.acrobat: You can perform all kinds of acrobacies and to be stealthy with the smallest distraction. You start with a grappling hook (d6 damage), some smoke bombs or a log decoy (activate at anytime)

3.healer: You can diagnose and treat illnesses (enabling a full rest) or perform first aid (instant small rest). You get a doctor bag: you can search it for useful potions, herbs or chemicals.

4.tinker: You can fix, build and rig things. You get a bag of tools and a mysterious device you've been working on. Reveal it's purpose at anytime: on a success, it is perfectly suited for the task and has no major drawbacks for now.

5.mage: Spend time on a proper ritual (or a lighter one and 1d6 hp) to call for a small favor, an answer or to put an enchantment on a target (an aid to a task, +1d6 armor*, enhanced damage. Enchantments on groups tend to dispel faster). You get a book on your spells theme (Angels-Chtulhu-Seasons-Old Ways-Hades-Atlantis), it influences their ways and possible side-effects.

6.rogue: Once per day, you can state retroactivelly how you prepared for this very situation (you have set a trap, bought an object, asked for help). Roll now to see how well you did it.

*Bonus track: A note on armor to be developed later.

Armor adds extra Armor points to your HP. Combat damage takes your HP first, then starts taking your armor. Armor points do not refresh on a rest: you must get your armor repaired or find a new one. If a strike does damage that could take all your AP at once, they don't decrease, but you're hit and must pass a Save to keep on the fight. Non-Physical sources of armor, like spells, can create a communal Armor over a group of people; which will protect whoever needs it at a given time.